The Discordant Beat

Been a while, but it’s time to welcome Fall with open arms and apparently all things pumpkin flavoured. So here’s a new post to welcome this time of the year. Hope everyone is doing great and thanks for stopping by!

 The Discordant Beat

Amongst bleary faces,
Wearing weary expressions,
Through these dreary days;
Where promises are broken,
And secrets hard to keep;
Where comfort and solace,
Are difficult companions to seek;
Where peace is a mockery of the
That we once dreamed of;
Where harmony and tolerance,
Are the dissonant fading beats,
To a world thriving in division;
Where hope and faith,
Are declared to be fairy tales,
And no longer the path of the
But the path of prehistoric
And current day fools;
Where every choice we make,
Strips us a little farther away from
And closer to the frigid clones,
We once swore and promised
never to be.
Where distance brings us closer,
And proximity?
Is just another excuse to not relate,
And let the ties,
That once bound us,
Slip away from our grasp,
Like fine grains of sand,
Dispersed, distant,
And nothing, but a memory.
Who are we to demand,
Understanding, patience and justice?
When we put ‘me’ before ‘we,’
And, ‘I’ before us?
And turn our backs on those,
Who look to us for strength,
At a moment they have felt their weakest?
How do we listen?
How do we feel human?
When the only thing
Filling our ears, eyes,
Hearts and souls,
Are the loud, booming echoes,
Of our own voices,
And nobody else’ ?


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