The Victor’s Trail

Hey folks!

I hope life is treating you well & hope you’re all doing great. The last few months and weeks have been crazy hectic & crazy fantastical as well and I was fortunate enough to meet some pretty awesome folks in that time span. Moving along, I conjured this lil’ piece up a few days back, and I hope y’all enjoy it. This is for all you awesome people out there who are working your tails off to reach your goals and dreams, and I hope you get there without losing all your faith and hope! Dragons, this one is fer you!

The Victor’s Trail

The words in your head,
A constant murmur,
A constant mantra,
A constant…
Echoing ‘Failure is not an option.’
Looking at the trail,
You left behind,
Filled with failure and
broken remains,
And reminders of,
Everyone and Everything,
Intent and content,
With breaking your spirit
Reminding you,
Of your shortcomings
At every turn, and every
Yet, you fought them,
You stood tall and firm,
Resilient and steadfast,
You held on, you fought back,
With every ounce of strength,
Despite being at your wit’s end.
You rose,
Only to metamorphose,
Into who you are today.
You look ahead,
At the path before you,
With the same trepidation,
And hesitation you held yesterday.
The fear, the taunts,
The scars, ghosts and ghouls
Of days past,
Swarm around you,
In anticipation,
Of the day you finally throw
in the towel,
And get lured away to the
abyss of failure.
Take a moment,
Take a breath,
Remember them all,
Remember them well.
For the next time you open your
Make sure to look at the path ahead,
And embrace all the unfriendly reminders,
Because they are a part of you,
And more importantly,
They are the bookmarks
of your success.
When you look ahead,
Remember how far you’ve
And how much closer
The dreams,
That were once laughed at,
Ridiculed, questioned and dismissed,
As mere foolish dreams,
Are not too far away from your grasp.
Stoke those dying embers of
Because my friend,
The victor’s trail
Is not a bed of roses,
Nor a fairy tale…
But one filled with much struggle,
Heartbreak and despair,
And many a scar to remind you
Of who you are,
During the darkest of days,
And the loneliest of hours,
When you forget yourself.
The victor’s trail,
Is not about the destination,
But about the journey.
So with strength anew,
And faith and hope renewed,
Stride towards your dreams,
Without fear, without doubt
For one day,
Some day soon,
That moment you have been waiting for,
Will be yours.


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