Fight with blind fury;
Fight to feel alive,
When all else is numb.
Fight to keep yourself awake,
And, in the game,
When all else seems dead and dissatisfied.
Fight like you always have,
Unrelenting, Unwavering.
Fight like there’s no tomorrow,
Even when you feel your bruises willing
you to quit.
Fight till the rage you built within,
Takes over you and reshapes you.
Fight, because nobody else will fight
for you.
Fight, because that’s all you have ever done,
To stay afloat for most of your life.
Fight yesterday, tomorrow and today,
When the reality you want keeps getting
Under a mountain of obstacles.
Fight because you are all you have.
Fight because your fists and spirit paint a better picture
And right your wrongs.
Fight, because everyone else expects
you to cave and quit.
Fight because it’s the only way,
To remember you aren’t hollow within.
Fight because it’s your fire to control,
And set the world ablaze with.
Fight till you can’t,
Not because you chose to stop.
Because the blood roaring in your ears,
Commands you to reveal your true self,
While drowning out the voices that hold
you behind.
Fight, because tomorrow is worth living for
Despite the signs.


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