The Risen

The Risen

The blank slate,
Yearning for your strokes,
To pain the way to the canvas
titled ‘Your Fate,’
Awaiting a gaze, a twitch;
A hand waiting…
For you to grasp, grip and grab onto;
An ember burning brightly,
To keep the fire within alive,
When all else around, and, within
has frozen over.
When everyone turns their back
on you;
When the only ending you seek
Is the one whose beginning is,
Beyond your memory’s reach.
When you cries and tears,
Failed to be heard and seen,
During your greatest hour of need.
Remember then and for eternity,
That soft beat,
The reassuring steady thump of your heart
Your thread to a life to be lived,
Like the one you dreamed of living.
The rhythm, that lets you,
Set the beat to the path,
You have chosen to walk.
Feel the strength of that beat resonate within,
The beat that controls the beast
that resides within.
Feel it shake you to your core
Stirring your free soaring spirit within;
And reach out for that blank slate,
And redefine your fate.
A fate that was once dictated by monotonous
And scale impenetrable barriers,
As constructed and construed,
By monotonous minds.
Free your soul,
Break the shackles
A society of fools once tied you down
And discover a kaleidoscope called life,
You can call a legacy,
Filled with triumph, joy and success,
Learned, earned and built,
From all your mistakes, heartbreaks and loss.

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