Pulled apart,
Stretched beyond their limits,
Past barriers and boundaries,
Binding together,
The bits and pieces
Of you and I;
Intertwined, entangled,
Akin to an eternal knot,
Veiled by uncertainty,
Mere puppet strings,
Dangled and manipulated
By the firm hands of fate
and destiny.
Unseen and unbeknownst,
To our mortal eyes;
Disguised by,
Our pleas and cries for help,
For guidance
Into uncharted territories,
By laments,
Over hearts broken and
And countless dreams shattered.
For a salve,
To heal all wounds,
Inflicted over time,
By one, by all and by ourselves.
Like fall leaves,
Do we rustle, whirl and twirl,
To the music of the wind called uncertainty.
Onto new things,
Without ever severing,
Our links to a past lived.


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