Musafir – The Traveler’s Dilemma

Musafir – The Traveler’s Dilemma

Many a time,
Questions, doubts and fears arise;
For the traveler isn’t just a free spirit,
Nor one,
Running away from their fears,
troubles and worries.
The traveler is one,
Who embarks on a journey,
To find an answer,
To many a question posed by
the variables of life.
Where the only constant,
Is an ever-changing destination;
Where the end goal everyday
Is survival.
Where the only friends they can embrace,
In the loneliness and vast expanse
Swallowing them whole
Are hope, fate and time.
The dilemma lies not
In the crossroads and choices before
The dilemma of the traveler arises
During the journey,
When you lose your way,
When despair has your heart
and soul in a vice grip,
When the things you feared the most,
Seem to be coming true,
That’s when the dilemma sets in.
That’s when the traveler asks the
penultimate questions,
Is the journey one worth
Is it time to end my travels?
Abandon and trade in one’s compass,
For a constant view?
And become a settler?

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