Somewhere in a place,
One beyond the reach of time
and space.
Where the semantics,
And symmetrics of human dynamics
Fade into oblivion.
Where our actions,
Aren’t ruled and governed,
By desperation and survival
And borderline paranoia and suspicion.
Where kindness, loyalty and love,
Aren’t viewed as a means to an end;
Where you and I aren’t coiled, tensed
and poised,
Waiting, watching and ever ready,
For our facades to fall apart and crumble.
Facades you and I carry,
Like extra baggage,
Unclaimed, unwanted,
Yet a necessity,
Just to keep our heads afloat,
In this turbulent and unpredictable
Roller coaster ride called life.
One day…some day,
Shall we be liberated,
By the chains,
That make us question
The true nature of our humanity.
Where love, kindness and care,
Don’t raise suspicions.
Where belief, hope and dreams,
Live and breathe,
Unquestioned, Unfettered and Unchallenged.


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