Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears

Revive, Resuscitate,
Survive, Necessitate,
Speak the beats,
Of a broken, turmoiled heart
Fighting for survival.
Beating harder for a better day,
A better way;
Reasons to never let
Your dreams run astray.
Believe, Relieve,
Your soul,
From the ghosts,
Haunting your soul,
Taunting every fiber,
Of your very being.
Rise, Rise, Rise,
Free yourself of all ties,
That bind you, restrict you,
Restrain you, and impair you.
You weren’t created,
To be hidden away,
Or to be invisible.
There is hope,
There is light;
You aren’t invisible,
You aren’t a number,
Or, a statistic.
You are a reason,
A purpose,
A beacon of light.
You are more
Than what your naysayers
deem you to be.
Fight their labels,
Break the stereotype.
You aren’t defined,
By mere literary confines.
There is no limit;
Not in this lifetime,
To define all that you are.
It’s never too late,
To get back up,
And discover,
All that you are,
And can be.
For, this life,
Can never get enough,
Of all the best
You have yet to give,
And illuminate and enrich,
Our lives with.

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