Rest Assured

Happy New Year one and all!!! I hope you all had a spectacular time ringing in 2016 and bidding 2015 a fond farewell or just farewell (doesn’t necessarily have to be fond lol.) I wish you all only the very best 2016 has to bring to your lives, much love, happiness, success, prosperity, inspiration and motivation to chase down your aspirations with grit and steadfast determination. I hope you creative geniuses keep churning out your magick, ‘cuz there’s some of us (such as yours truly) who can’t wait to be dazzled by your creations. Well enough with my 2016 intro schnazz & let’s get on with the show shall we? Here’s the first poem of 2016, feel free to leave yer thots & sentiments at the end!

Rest Assured

How time flew,
None of us knew,
There you were,
In your usual casual stance.
Every now and then,
Looking about,
Sparing, casting a glance
To the world around you.
Hoping, by chance,
That the look in your eye,
Is seen by none.
The pain,
The flicker of curiosity
The twinkle of mischief
The warmth of love and happiness,
Missed, hidden,
Swept away,
With the mere blink of an eye.
Buried, wrapped beneath
countless layers.
Seen by none,
Felt by none but one.
You and just you alone.
Submerged, engulfed,
Swallowed whole,
By the weight of your world,
And, the avalanche of your thoughts.
But here in this time and place,
Free yourself of your burdens,
Lose yourself in the world,
You restrain yourself from,
For fear of repercussions.
Release yourself from the chains
of aftermaths.
Let go of your shackles.
Unveil that beautiful soul,
You keep hidden,
Out of fear of betrayal,
Unmask that beautiful face,
The one that enthralls the world,
The one filled with such innocence
and purity,
That the scars of reality and betrayal,
Seems to have replaced,
To face each day anew.
Unleash that radiant smile,
The one you keep locked up,
The one you share sparingly and bashfully,
With the very few you hold close
and dear,
Like your own little treasure trove.
Like a dazzling ray of hope,
In this desert of despair and desperation,
Where everyone looks haunted,
By ghosts,
That never seem to back down,
But only grow.
Share that heart that beats within you,
The one that houses all the love, care and kindness,
Yet to be seen, to be experienced
With those of us around you.
It’s understandable,
A heart broken one too many times,
Doesn’t like taking more chances,
Than those taken, only to be broken.
Free yourself,
From the prison of your thoughts,
From the pungent bitterness of your
Cast that glance of yours,
To my outstretched hand,
Waiting to grab and hold on to yours.
Let go…it’s in your eyes,
Feel it in your soul,
With every loud racing beat of your heart,
Free the curious child within you,
Take a chance,
Dance a new dance,
Fearless yet uncertain,
Dance to a new beat,
And rest assured,
I’ll hold your hand through it all,
And never let go.


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