In Her Eyes

In Her Eyes

In her dreamy eyes,
Lay a promise.
To be held close.
A promise,
That she would never let go.
A look of finality,
Absolute clarity,
Emitting and radiating,
In that moment,
A sense of serenity.
Never before have those eyes,
Spoken words of such strength,
With such integrity,
And certainty.
In her eyes,
I find myself once more.
The lost traveller,
Stranded, abandoned, alone,
Who once set out,
On a journey of self discovery
and excitement,
Only to be turned around,
And misguided,
By the mirages along the way.
In her eyes,
I see once again,
The spark, the faith, the fire
That lights up the beacons
of hope,
Along the long abandoned
To the countless dreams,
Bursting at the seams,
To come alive,
And fill this scraggly
traveller’s treasure box
With memories to last a lifetime,
Until I make it home.
In her eyes,
I see the beginning,
The end,
And eternity….


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