Shadow Games

Shadow Games

Being left behind is easy,
Picking up the pieces,
easier still.
Accepting the blame,
To stop the fighting
and noise,
Simplistic at best.
Being at the receiving end,
Of the blame game, trouble
and heartache,
Now, just seems,
Like such a daily occurrence,
That you can go through
the motions,
With your eyes closed,
And nobody second guessing,
Or questioning the validity,
Of your actions.
Be the loyal scapegoat,
Hear the whispers,
And murmurs
Labelling you a drama queen,
Always over the top,
Always over emotional,
From the ones you deem close,
Yet who hurt you the most,
And make you question,
Loyalty and dignity;
The elements you value most.
It’s time now,
Stop the game,
Chuck the blame,
Let the users and freeloaders
Get off your dream express.
Let their discouraging words,
And selfish desires,
Roll off your back,
And out your mind,
Like the drain storm sewers
During the heaviest of rains.
Let them pass you by,
To make way in your life,
For clear blue skies.
Let the beat of your heart,
Guide you
To the path you’ve often passed,
And wished to walk,
But held yourself back,
Out of fear of being disowned,
And simply left stranded and alone.


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