The Victor’s Hymn

The Victor’s Hymn

Can you hear them calling?
Can you hear the sound of your name?
The winds whistling,
The trees swaying,
Dancing a victory dance,
To the sweet sound
Of your victory.
Do you see the brightness?
The brightness of the sun?
Feel it’s radiance,
Warming you from within,
Beaming, through you,
And kissing your very soul,
As though possessed by a fever,
The fever of your victory.
Do you hear the waves roaring?
Roaring louder than ever before,
Drowning out the sounds,
Of envy, sorrow, bitterness
and discouragement,
From those that consider themselves
Worthy foes,
And those that call themselves friends,
But are truly and deeply,
Shallow and hollow,
With vacant eyes,
Silent stares,
Automated responses,
Indifferent to
The nature and strength
Of love and care.
Do you see the difference?
That your actions have made?
The shades of joy,
That you have painted,
And brought to life?
Do you feel it yet?
The beats of your victory
Reverberating through your very
Do you see the footprints?
Those large, irreplaceable
That you’ve left behind,
On many hearts.
Can you hear?
With all sincerity and clarity,
The meaning of the words,
Uttered and ushered,
By the closest of hearts,
And most kindred of souls;
Whose hands have held you,
All those times you fell;
Whose words and actions
saved you,
When nothing else seemed to.
Can you hear the pride and adoration,
In their voices?
Through the din and raucous
Celebrating you and your victory?
May your victory,
Set your spirit free,
And let it soar,
Far beyond boundaries,
Far beyond limitations,
Far beyond restrictions,
And free from ill intentions,
To scale new heights,
Chart uncharted territories,
And bring you much delectable joy,
Unquenchable peace,
And unfathomable tranquility.

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