The Rising

The Rising

Swept away,
Swept under,
Kept tied down,
Here asunder.
No end in sight,
No beginning,
You can remember.
A soul trapped,
A life force tapped out;
A heart,
Lost and unfound;
Hidden away by fear,
Scared into,
The dualities of submission
and rejection.
Not once,
For it’s ferocity,
Nor it’s passion.
A spirit,
Crushed by many,
Torn by negativity,
Shattered by hostility,
Scattered in jest,
By those, who fear
the unknown;
By those, who fear
Your true and limitless potential,
By those, who fear
The mighty heights,
You were built to scale.
By those, who fear
The power,
That lies within you.
By those, who fear
The fire you start,
That sets the trails you
leave behind ablaze.
By those, who fear
Your determination,
For there is no fire,
That burns as hot,
Nor will as unyielding,
As yours.
Don’t let today be theirs
for the taking.
Rise…Rise up,
Rise on,
Take one more beating down,
Your opponents deal you,
Grab one more bad hand,
This life deals you,
Embrace these moments,
For once the dust settles,
And the ashes scatter,
Shall you rise…
Stripped free,
Of all the frailties,
With renewed faculties,
For my friend,
The world is here for your
Make your mark,
Strike hard,
Befriend your old friend humility,
And leave your detractors
Set your spirit free,
Release the demons,
You hold on to,
Set them free,
And allow them to be,
The page turned…
A part of the past,
A part of history.

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