Mad Max Fury Road

Through the Looking Glass Series presents a super quick review of Mad Max Fury Road.

Movie: Mad Max Fury Road
Release Date: May 15, 2015
Director: George MillerRating: 4.5/5.0 Units of Guzzolene

Mad Max Fury Road
Holy Jaesus! It only took me this long to watch it, due to very reasonable reasons might I add. But all things aside, I finally did watch it and Holy %#@$#$ it was quite a visual & cinematic experience. I wasn’t really expecting much from the movie and I had very low expectations. Why? Because the earlier version of Mad Max never really caught my fantasy and the steam punky nature of things along with this whole post apocalyptic scenario didn’t exactly appeal to me. I heard great things about it, even then I wasn’t too stoked to watch it. But boy oh boy am I glad I finally did. I’m not gonna take up too much space & place with this review, mostly because it is my understanding that I might be the last human being on this planet that finally watched this movie, therefore you all know what happens, if not there’s always Google to ruin your day/quench your curiosity so on and so forth.

Holy Shit….wait let me rephrase…HOLY SHITTT!!!!! Tom flipping Hardy is one helluva actor. Just when I think this guy has hit his peak, he goes and does something like this & boom you have to re-think his potential. When this guy plays a character, not only does he get into the physicality of it (like Christian Bale) but shit he becomes that character. He creates mannerisms, vocal pitches and timbres, facial characteristics, basically he modifies everything about himself to be the character. He’s so precise with it that it’s not just an external presentation, it literally goes down to the bone where this guy and his characters are concerned.

Moving on from fangirling over Tom Hardy let’s move on to the next stellar actor/actress in this cinematic adventure….Charlize Theron. All I have to say is Charlize Theron…who is that? OH you mean Imperator Furiosa?!?! Man toss in another cess pool of talent along with some high octane action sequences and BOOM you’ve just created magic. I just got a new bad-ass hero to add to my list of ultimate if not most epic heroes/heroines EVER! Start to finish Charlize Theron exudes, flourishes & shines in her role as Furiosa with her lethality & vulnerability.

Last but not the least I have to mention the technical aspects of the flick. Take a bow George Miller. The stunning use of colour, music and locales pretty much adds to the body of this edge of the seat action dramaga (drama + saga) and I cannot wait to see how Max’s story unfolds. I really enjoyed how the geography, topography pretty much set the tone if not reflected the ppl from those areas.

Here’s the best part though that I interpreted from the flick (maybe I found something too deep that may have not been there.) Everyone wants to go out in glory and be witnessed while they make their way to Valhalla. Question remains which Valhalla do you choose? The one that’s been pre-defined by a buncha ponces who claim to be leaders, or, the one you make your way towards by doing what you know to be the true and right?

Well let me know what you guys thought of the movie down below in the comments section, and have yerselves a fantastic weekend.


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