World Poetry Day – The Hero Within

In honour of World Poetry Day, here’s a little something I just had to say. Thankfully I was able to get this done before the end of the day, not that I mind anyway, since pretty much every other day feels and seems like Poetry day :).

The Hero Within

People like being Messiahs,
They love saviors,
They love believers,
They adore heroes,
They find purpose to strive
Fixing all that isn’t theirs.
They like having answers,
They think are key,
To solving all those things,
That seems to leave you and me
in a fix.
They like being the ones,
To constantly shove your failures
In your face;
The constant reminders,
Of your losses and failing grace…
Everyone wants someone to save,
Everyone wants to be the one
That takes your world by storm;
To be all that
They wish they could have been.
Projection becomes a fixation,
Observation, introspection and reflection,
Nothing but mere distractions,
Perfection a new obsession.
So here is the bitterest of truths,
Everyone wants a hero,
Everyone wants to be saved,
From walking off the edge of the
Of that cliff they call fear.
They go looking in crevices and
For legends and inspiration,
When the only hero they ever
Is the reflection,
They saw day in and day out
in the mirror.
Cracked, broken,
At times beyond repair,
At other times,
Restructured, replaced, reorganized,
But ever faithful,
And never leaving their side.
The one they glossed over,
Snarled at, growled at,
But never paid attention to.


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