You & I

It’s time for more poetry. Despite the foggy & clogged head space, thanks to a whole lot of congestion, ya’ll are being subjected to more verbal carnage. Yayyy! Well I thought I’d play around a little with the formatting on this poem, so tried out something new that way. Haven’t written anything in this format before. Let me know what you think! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

You & I

Me: What if I fall?
I WILL catch you…
What if I fall deeper than I’ve ever fallen?
I’ll dive as deep as I can until I find you…
What if all that’s left of me is pain and sorrow?
Then I’ll be there every step of the way,

Every step and ever after,
Until the day,
You learn to smile again.
What if the world turns it’s back on me?
Then I’ll be the only world you ever need…
What if I never amount to anything?
You aren’t defined by what you don’t achieve,

You aren’t defined by your failures,
And, you aren’t limited by your losses.
What if I get left behind?
Then hold my hand,

And I promise to never let go…
What if one day,
One day, you see,
The broken and cracked pieces of me,
That I see everyday in the mirror?
That is the truest representation of me?

Then I will embrace all that I see,

I will hold on to every piece reflected
at me,
I will cherish all of you that you choose
to share with me.
What if one day you wake up and realize,
That I was the wrong decision,
The wrong choice?
The one you’ve lost interest in…
The one you have to leave?

Then I will fight my way,

Through every single day,
Every single hurdle that comes our way,
To ensure you never feel that way
I’m here, always here
Forever near, just for you my dear.
For, no two entities in this Universe
Fit better than you and I.


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