The Relentless Warrior

Have a fantastic start to the week everyone! I predict an increase in posts, at least this week, courtesy a mini vacay…yay! Be Inspired my lovelies, and don’t let anyone break your fierce spirit down.


The Relentless Warrior

When all you see,
Are dimming lights,
Of inspiration, faith and hope,
In the eyes of those,
You hold above all.
What do you do?
When in a world,
Filled with the strange
and unknown,
With undiluted fear,
Creeping down your spine,
Working it’s way through
your bones,
Walking through the darkest
Your steps filled with trepidation,
Significant hesitation,
But with a certain amount of
To get to your destination…
Your dreams…
The ones you survived for,
The ones you would sacrifice
yourself for,
As opposed to forgetting their
very existence…
The ones, you were told,
Were pointless and moot.
The ones that everyone had more
fun trampling,
Than ever lending a hand or
The ones that you were asked to
forget about,
Time after time,
That were mocked and labeled,
As products of immaturity and
The ones you were told to trade
in for reality.
The ones they called pointless,
Unless there was a purpose,
That helped those around you move
Regardless of the confusion stirred
Irrespective of the storm brewing
Stoked by the harshness of their words,
The bitterness of many a self -slain dreamer,
Who has resigned themselves,
To a monochromatic world…
A world they deem functional,
In the absence and non existence,
Of all those wondrous things,
We promised ourselves growing up.
The things we compromised,
Somewhere along the journey
Of endless and relentless broken dreams.
Where the only aspiration,
And the only expected inspiration,
Is survival,
And absolute annihilation,
Of any form of competition.
Where peace and serenity are mocked,
And, envy is embraced with an open heart
and closed mind.
A helping hand,
Considered a mistake.
Words of encouragement and love,
Considered mere signs of weakness.
What do you do?
When who you are within,
Refuses to conform,
Or bow down,
To all things that oppose the very
essence of your being?
What do you do?
When the ones you hope will
catch you,
Are the ones that turn their backs on
Or worse yet reprimand you,
For refusing to conform,
For being different…unique,
For being especially fearless,
In a time when conformists believe,
The only solution to breaking you,
Is bullying you.
What do you do?
When there’s nobody left to turn to,
And the only person,
Who can inspire you,
And give you the strength,
To take one more step forward…
Is you?


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