Push Back

Well I’m back at it! It’s been an interesting few weeks, crazy for sure…but then again crazy and me are kinda synonymous I reckon. Finally got some writing done though I’m not sure how I feel about this piece, I wouldn’t necessarily call this my finest bit of writing just yet. It feels disjointed, at least to my head it does. Share yer thots & then some more :). Hope everyone is having a stellar week!

Push Back

There was a fire once,
That burned brighter than the sun.
It’s warmth,
Brought about a satisfaction,
That everybody else seemed to want.
It’s radiance,
Was a bone of contention,
Amongst all those who envied it,
And, were blinded,
By it’s sheer brilliance.
Too many have tried,
To extinguish that fire burning
Though it may not glow or
burn as bright,
Those many have forgotten,
The fiery volatility that defines
a fire.
They have forgotten,
The relentless, merciless and
unforgiving nature of the fire.
And many others forget,
That all it takes is a spark,
To ignite the fire.
Stoke the dying embers of your
The more you try to control the fire,
The more you try extinguishing it,
The more reasons and fuel you
give it,
To grab on to every last spark,
And to embrace the all too familiar
simmering rage that lies beneath,
And extinguish and annihilate,
All that lies in the path,
Of it’s all consuming fiery self.
There’s a reason they say,
Don’t play with fire,
Because in the end,
It will burn you either way.


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