New poem/post up and running to kickstart this week. Hopefully everyone had a fantastic weekend, if not hang in there bub…things will turn around soon enough :). Hopefully you all got a lil’ bit of time to regroup, recollect & rebuild yourselves. Have a fantastic week up ahead and as always feel free to leave yer thots & comments about this piece down in the comments section!


Slipping through the cracks,
Seeping through the pores,
All consuming…Unrelenting…
A storm of anger,
A hurricane of rage.
Seeking answers,
In the midst of a blooming field
of questions.
Fingers pointed in your direction,
Hurling shielded accusations,
And blunt insults.
Laughter and cackles,
Crackling and rippling through
the air,
Every time you fail
To crawl out of the hole of despair,
You find yourself climbing out
Each time,
Having words,
Sharper than the sharpest blades,
Thrown your way,
Cutting, scraping and gouging,
Away at all the strength within,
Making your quest for inner peace
and happiness,
Seem futile and worthless…
Just like the labels,
Your jeering squad loves to
tag you with.
And your cheering squad,
Likes to laugh about with you,
In the hopes of helping you
Failing to realize,
That all they’ve accomplished,
Is pushing you further,
Into the depths of your misery,
Drowning you further,
Into the cesspool of darkness,
Marked by anguish, self-hatred
and fear,
A cesspool with the strongest
That pulls you down and under,
Every time you try to fight
against it.
Every fight,
Surrounding and submerging
With roars chanting your failure.
Yet you dive deep,
Like the warrior that you are,
Not out of duty or obligation,
But because of the unrelenting
And blinding passion,
That pushes you.
The need for survival,
That rips through you,
And claws at the world
That revels in holding you back,
And pushing you out of existence.
YOU….you are a reminder my
The ultimate epitome,
Of what it means to face your
Yours is the face,
Of truth, clarity and harsh
Yours is the spirit,
That dazzles with a radiance
blinding to all eyes.
Yours is the heart,
That has loved truest,
Despite all the cracks
and heartbreak you’ve endured.
YOU…are all you have,
Today and for eternity,
You are your best ally,
Through all your tumultuous
YOU…are what people should
strive to be,
So that when they look at their
It’s the one they want to see,
And not the one that makes them

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