Hey Peepz!

Hope you guys are all having a fantastic start to the week. I have multiple reasons to be excited, though my primary reason today is the fact that Person Of Interest is back on the tele!!!!! I’ve missed that show immensely, I almost feel like I should have a POI binge session before the season starts…that could have some very interesting consequences. Well here’s a new post to celebrate a new week and all these fun things. Have a stellar week ahead! I have mixed feelings about this piece, but I’d love to hear what y’all think! Here’s presenting new poem of the week….’Beacon’


Find me,
In the darkest of nights
When you feel,
The light of your hopes
and dreams,
Flickering and wavering.
Lean on me,
When it seems there’s nobody
left to lean on.
Hold my hand,
When you’re afraid,
And nobody seems to
Let your tears flow,
They deserve their release.
Whisper your fears,
Into my ears,
And let them go.
The words once released,
No longer bind you,
To the unforgiving weight
of consequences.
The words once uttered,
Bring you one step closer,
To the freedom your lost and
broken soul desires.
Let go of the pain,
That never seems to wax or wane.
Use my shoulders,
For all the support you need.
Know you will never be turned
Know that I will be a constant,
Be your anchor,
To bring you back from all
those edges,
That are relentless,
Merciless and unforgiving,
In breaking you down,
And making you lose your way,
And lose sight,
Of all that which makes you,
A force to reckon with,
A wild spirit,
Brimming with adventure,
That all have to contend with.
A force of nature,
That brings with it,
A zest for life,
That fills all the empty cracks
and corners,
And, infuses a sense of purpose
We mere mortals were lacking.
Lean on me,
And let me remind you,
Of all your strength, wisdom
and passion,
You carry within you,
And give freely,
To those around you.
Life isn’t about solace
and solitude.
I’ll be the shadow,
That helps steer you,
Whenever you’re lost.
You’re too precious my dear,
More so than most,
So hold on just a little longer,
For, while today might
be the worst of it all,
The best days are right around
the corner,
And waiting ever so patiently
for you.


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