Fan (2016) Movie Review

Through The Looking Glass series presents a quick shot review of Fan, a Hindi movie released on April 15th, 2016.

Movie: Fan
Release Date: April 15, 2016Director: Maneesh Sharma
Rating: 4.0/5.0 Stars of Superstardom

Fan (2016)
Fan (2016)

In one line this is what I took away from the movie – ‘Obsession comes with a price.‘ Instead of revealing plot points and fun things of the sort, I’m just going to mention things that I think stood out in the flick.

-Loved the psych aspect of this movie. In this day and age I think it’s a very salient point to bring up the concept of obsession and the extent to which it can drive a person.
-Also with the advent and boom of social media, it is very easy to get caught up and lost in the world of celebrities. It’s easy to get obsessed over them because all the information you need is literally at your fingertips and a few keystrokes away. It’s easy for people to possess that sense of entitlement over possessing an actor/actress and/or character(s).
-Obsession can rob you blind of your own potential. It’s like that itch that needs to be constantly scratched and takes all your attention away. It just consumes so much of your attention and focus, that you tend to forget that you have your own life to live.
-How obsession can be both harmful and helpful. It gives you a sense of purpose and it makes you see just what you can be driven to achieve if you put your mind to. But once you cross the line, it can go haywire. Obsession can turn into a tool that keeps you disciplined and goal oriented, and one that can make you forget there are limits & boundaries that exist. All it makes you see is your target and attaining what you want regardless of consequences.
-How the media (especially the Indian media) loves to sensationalize just about anything and everything especially when it has to do with Bollywood…the current Hrithik Roshan & Kangana Ranaut issue is definitely one for the media sensationalisation books.
-At the end of the day, celebrities are human, and just like the rest of us they crave that space for normalcy. It reminds me of Shylock’s famous speech from Merchant of Venice when he’s in court justifying/explaining his whole ‘pound of flesh’ situation/demand.
-Irrespective of where you reach in life, set your own standards so your world remembers you for the legacy you leave behind….not by somebody else’s legacy. Also, regardless of your station in life, you will always have people who look up to you and follow you blindly. It is important to acknowledge them and give them the respect they deserve, but in that same vein, it doesn’t mean you have to be eternally obligated to them or bow to their every demand. Life is about making yours the most memorable one you’ve lived & built for yourself, without forgetting all those who helped you along the way.

Now let’s talk about other aspects of the flick. When I first watched the theatrical trailer for ‘Fan’ oh man did I get goosebumps. They were goosebumps of nervousness & excitement all clubbed into one…I watched this trailer and I said to myself, “Self, you know, this flick reminds me of SRK’s flick ‘Darr’ and bloody hell I’m excited to watch it. I think it’s gonna be absolutely thrilling.” In my opinion, it was a very interesting flick, it could’ve been a shorter flick, but it’s definitely a very interesting flick. The climax was definitely surprising and not one I was expecting per-se. Like I said before, a few aspects of the plot could’ve been handled a little better, the writing could’ve definitely been a little tighter. That being said though, I did love the cat & mouse game that ensued.

In terms of performance, freaking hell SRK is bloody awesome. I found his rendition of both ‘Gaurav Chandna’ and superstar ‘Aryan Khanna’ to be handled in quite a flawless manner. And holy shit the man is in excellent physical shape, something that’s very evident in all the running around and physical scenes. Some of the locales in this flick are absolutely breathtaking…especially the scenes in Dubrovnik, Croatia. That’s definitely a place on my list of places to see, I don’t think the cameras and settings did enough justice to this breathtaking location!

Take a bow Maneesh Sharma for trying to balance, handle & do justice to such an interesting subject. I find it to be quite a relevant issue, especially with stuff like Twitter, Tumblr, FB and so many other countless social media outlets that allow you to not only have access to info, but also allows you to spew a lot of hate & disagreement over words & sentiments that are misconstrued. Heck we’ve all seen famous Twitter wars, we’ve seen fandoms go at each other even when the celebrities themselves have no problems with each other. I like the essence/concept of ‘Entitlement’ Maneesh Sharma has sneaked into this flick…an insanely relevant sentiment that reigns supreme amongst most people these days.

Alright, well that’s it folks, these are my thots on one of the many interesting Bollywood flix of 2016. Lemme know what y’all thought of Fan & I’d love to hear your opinions & talk to you about it!

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