The Naked Truth

Well it’s Terrific Thursday and I have more Thots to share. You find inspiration in the oddest places sometimes…but then again, I’ll take any form of inspiration I get. By The All Spark! It’s one thing to procrastinate, but it’s a whole other cuppa tea when Inspiration flies out the door without letting you know.

Well as always, let me know what you think, if you have any comments or thots to share hit up the empty space after this post and feel free to express yourself!

The Naked Truth

Would you drift away?
Or, would you stay?
If I told you
All my fears,
And, the reasons
Behind countless,
Unstoppable tears?
Would you drift away?
Or, would you stay?
With every wall of mine
you break down,
With every piece of my
You disintegrate,
Until you finally uncover,
The version of me,
That is the truest version
of myself.
Would it terrify you?
Would it send you scurrying?
Or would it make no
Would you still see me the
same way?
As the one that stole your heart?
And not the one you left
Or, the one,
Who drifted away?
Would your eyes still light up?
Like a thousand stars?
When you finally see me,
Bare…in all my naked glory,
With no more masks to wear?
Or would they turn stone cold?
Would you stay?
If I told you all the ways I am
Trying to put all the broken
pieces together
To make a whole?
Or would you leave?
In search of better days,
In hopes of finding some
From the brutalities of life,
That made me who I am,
And made you,
Plain and simply…just you.

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