Raw Rage

Well looks like spring has sprung and sprung it’s creative and inspiring effects on me….yay spring! Here’s saying Ola to the weekend with a new set of Thots. Let me know what you guys think, feel free to comment in the space below this post. Have a great weekend and hope y’all are inspired by this weather as much as I am.

Raw Rage

My throat is hoarse,
I can’t hear the sound of
my own voice.
The screams of silence,
Seem to have swallowed
it whole.
My eyes burn themselves
From all the strength it’s
taken them,
Time after time,
To hold the tears at bay,
To fight the weakness,
They want me to show
With reckless abandon.
Fighting against the tidal
Of disappointment and anguish,
They’ve seen and been
My ears pounding,
Louder than the sounds
Of drums and hammers,
Pounding louder and harder,
Than the physical blows,
Dealt by this life.
My heart is beating outside
of it’s cavity,
Beating with a ferocity,
That’s driven it this far,
That’s led it in the face of every
And every high,
Regardless of consequences,
The sole warrior,
The sole carrier of all burdens,
That life has been kind enough
to unload on it.
My lungs burning,
With every breath,
Every moment spent inhaling,
The stench of failure and
That hangs thick in the air,
And clings to every pore
and crevice of my body.
While exhaling the smoke,
Of that fire of hope that keeps
Every time I take another
My head is pounding…buzzing,
A sound greater than an
army of bees,
Greater than the din of factory
A sound marking the beginning
of yet another battle,
My fists, clenched and white knuckled,
Poised…to make a statement,
Be it to quiet down the dissonance,
Be it to prove a point,
Be it to put an end to it all.
This wouldn’t be the first time,
Fate and all it’s fiendish friends,
Gathered around,
To see one of it’s puppets,
Fight to survive,
Fight to see tomorrow,
Fight to see light,
While enshrouded by darkness
so thick,
That even the tiniest flicker
of hope is snuffed out.
Fight me again you cowards,
Beat me senseless you tyrants,
Your expectations were never
Take it all away,
Destroy each and every bit of
me along the way,
Take what you can,
For what you shan’t break,
And never will take,
Are the shards of my fragmented
Still holding themselves together,
Still bound together,
By a greater collective faith of
hopes, dreams and desire,
A collective,
Sharper and denser,
Than the spears, blades and
You throw my way.


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