Carry On

Hey all,

Hope you guys had a spectacular weekend and got some time to rest and rejuvenate and all those fun things. So this piece I’m posting on here is the result of a writing prompt. It was an unusual exercise in working out those creative muscles and to get that creativity juice flowing. So I’m kinda iffy about how this whole thing turned out, but hey here’s serving you guys a fresh word salad! None the less, thanks for stopping by, feel free to share opinions, comments, thots & fun stuff of the sort. Have a great week ahead!

Carry On

Dead flies had gathered in a heap,
Between the windowpane and
the screen,
Marking the passage of time,
Marking the days since I last saw you,
Marking the days you’ve been gone.
A stark reflection,
A crisp reminder,
Of all that’s been lost,
All that’s been gained,
And all that’s remained,
Since you’ve been gone.
Often I wonder,
If you still remember,
The warmth and the comfort,
Within these walls,
That eliminated the spaces,
crevices and cracks,
Our lonely hearts caused.
Often I wonder,
If Father Time has been kind
to you,
As opposed to being,
The unremarkable and unwelcome
That snuck into our lives,
Squeezed into the emptiness,
Clawed at scars left behind,
And tried to wash away all the
And all the pain,
And erase the shadows of your
very presence,
Left in the wake of your absence.
Until all that’s left,
Is nothing more than…
A mere whisper,
Where you once shared,
Your innocent secrets and
dreams with me,
A mere flicker,
Of those gleaming eyes,
Glowing with curiosity and
At the mere contemplation,
Of things yet to be.
I hope the journey was worth it,
I hope leaving the pieces,
Of your heart and soul behind,
Was worth all the heartbreak
and pain,
You’ve suffered.
Until that time then,
When we finally meet again,
I hope you haven’t lost faith,
I hope you haven’t given up hope,
Or lost that spark within,
To fight all odds,
To chase your dreams down.

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