Hey all,

Hope everyone is having an amazing week. We’re almost to the weekend mark, so yayyy congratulations on making it this far! So I have an amusing q for y’all, isn’t it just interesting when you’re having a conversation with someone you know and everything sounds like a legal disclaimer? I find such conversations to be super fascinating., especially for the person at the talking end of it..I mean what are you afraid of saying…what are you afraid will slip out? None the less….I just found it amusing, thought I’d share the thots. None the less you know the drill, lemme know what you guys think of the poem below. Feel free to leave comments, opinions & thots, I’d love to engage in a discussion with you guys!


Pulled from my roots,
Yanked through time
and space,
No explanations,
No excuses,
Under the guise of
Holes poked through
Healed by the master healer
called time,
Scars…Reminders of time
Of hours and years that
have passed.
Revealing the glaring spaces,
Empty places,
Devoid of those elements,
That once formed,
The very essence of who
I used to be.
Devoid of the pieces of me,
That once set me free.
All that remains,
All that was salvaged from
the wreckage,
Are jagged and sharp edges,
Cutting, bruising, bleeding,
Anything and everything,
Standing in it’s way.
As it tries to rebuild, reset,
and restart,
On a journey,
With no predetermined
But only memories,
To guide it along,
And walk it’s own newfound


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