The Human Condition

Well well well…would you look at that? It’s Fantastic Freaking Friday!!!!! A welcome reprieve, dare I say, from the week. Well all things fantastical aside, I apparently decided to challenge myself in the poetry department with a rhyme scheme. First things first, let me tell you, when you only have 2 lines that randomly slide into your head, things seem fine and dandy and super awesome. Then comes the hard part, where you have to create a body and work with the idea. Considering my inspiration was the mere thought of a jar of Nutella *sigh* …Ahem…well going back to the matter at hand, the next hard part is coming up with the God forsaken words, and that’s when you realize, that your diction has substantially declined and you need to go bury yourself in a mountain or avalanche of books.

Well enough of my gibberish, here we go. Let me know what you guys think, feel free to comment in that lil’ space below :). Have a super fab weekend!

The Human Condition

You were my absolution,
Amidst the desolation,
A welcome intrusion,
In a world of delusions,
The brightest illusion,
Set free from my imagination,
A reflection like none other,
Akin to salvation,
In this land of desperation,
Where appreciation,
Is a misconstrued misinterpretation,
A preconceived notion,
That is not a winner’s disposition,
But, a loser’s association,
Looked down upon sans admiration.
My redemption,
My retribution,
My inspiration,
In a world lost in translation,
Spiraling in chaotic motion,
And losing it’s humane disposition.

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