Picture Perfect

As promised in the haze of sleepiness and exhaustion in the middle of the night or early in the morning? Yeah that part still trips me up…Honestly how do you categorize the time b/w 1-3 AM? The witching hour(s)? None the less, here’s the 2nd poem (2 in a day?! What sorta crack was I on?) that tinkered around with my head space. Hopefully I didn’t blow out any useful fuses that I need for future survival purposes. Well read away beasties, and feel free to let me know what y’all think in the space below!

Picture Perfect

How do you stay picture perfect?
When all they see,
Is a picture perfect version
of you,
That you never knew,
You had of you.
When the only image of you
You’ve ever seen
Amidst these photographs,
Is one that lives,
At another end,
Another spectrum,
Another extreme,
And is a reflection,
Untrue to you…
A reflection of someone
They deem you to be.

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