The One Where She Will Be Loved

Ahoy hoy maties. ’tis the blessed weekend, and apparently my brain wouldn’t shut up. It decided to redefine ‘overdrive.’ So it just drove me batshit cray cray…yay! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend out there. I had random inspirations today, lines came flowing to the head and I couldn’t just stop there. In fact, we might have a double feature with the writing today…that’s how much of a pain in the neck my brain has been. Well peepz you know the drill, let me know what you think and feel. Leave your comments & thots in the space below.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

The One Where She Will Be Loved

She drowned in that bottle,
To hide away the shame,
To drink away the pain,
All the things she was feeling,
The thoughts that stayed
Under layers of regret and
The tears in her eyes,
Ever present,
Gleaming, glassy…
Brimming…Until the day
They can’t be held in anymore.
Suffocating under the weight
of her guilt,
Under the weight of her sadness,
Under the weight of the life
She left behind…
As once she knew it.
Hanging her head so low,
Trying to blend into a landscape,
She used to know,
Avoiding those judgmental eyes,
Those razor sharp tongues,
Lashing names at her everyday,
Some in jest,
Some without regret,
They call her that drunk chick,
The life of the party,
That crazy party animal,
A slut, a whore.
Not once,
Looking past,
Through the haze of drunken
The cracks of a broken smile,
That never reaches the corner
of her eyes.
Not once sensing her pain…
Free fall…
That’s all she has to say,
About her conflicted life
these days.
Through life,
With no end in sight,
Damned, doomed,
Eternally enslaved,
To the weight of her memories,
To the weight of what she condemns
herself with,
As her sins…her past crimes.
Her only motivation…only guide,
Being her quest for redemption,
In these cruel times.
With nobody to turn to,
But the voice inside,
The broken pieces of her soul,
Regrouping, redrawing,
Realigning, renewing…
That which is left within,
So as to shoulder,
The weight of her broken heart,
The weight of shattered dreams,
And unfulfilled expectations,
Fighting the weight of
Thrown her way,
Filling those eyes…
From the only ones,
She’s loved with her heart and
Even Atlas looks upon her,
With tears in his eyes,
At the burden she silently complies
to shoulder,
Those fragile shoulders,
With a burden too heavy to bear,
Without resistance,
Without complaint,
As if this was no punishment,
But the price that her very
existence had to pay.
And so,
She keeps making her way,
One day at a time,
One step at a time.
Drowning in bottles,
To scream away the pain,
When it’s too much to bear,
When there’s nothing and
no one left,
To hear the soul shattering
Of the death of innocence
and purity,
As it slips and ebbs away,
With the harsh reality of every
passing day.

In the interest of copyright and fun things of the sort, no musicians were hurt in the process of writing this piece and of course no money was made off partial aspects of the title. ‘She Will Be Loved’ remains the musical property of Maroon 5 and will always be an inspiration/muse to me. So please don’t sue the pants off of this student, that crushing student debt thing is a helluva reality.


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