Well hello hello peepz! It’s that time of the week, yayyy weekend time. I have absolutely no idea why I’m excited since well my weekends are pretty mundane and low-key…but hey I remain cautiously optimistic for them to turn into the most unexpected period of fun in my otherwise rather bland life. Besides, every weekend always comes with an adventure around the corner. I hope you all are coming off of a great week, and those of you who have had a crappy week…sorry you had to go through that schnazz, but on the bright side it’s done and hey next week could be a very promising one! Keep yer chin up & expect the unexpected. Right folks, well that’s it from me.

Feel free to share your thots & comments in the space below! Until next time you lovely people, take care of yerselves!


Don’t look back,
Let it go,
This too shall pass,
That carried me,
Through one too many
Through one too many
a phase,
When all doors,
Seemed to slam shut
in my face,
And any safe haven
I sought out,
Seemed to have no
To let the broken, bruised
and battered in.
To seek shelter,
From raging storms,
And turbulent waves.
Waiting to pull you down,
Hold you under,
Kill the fighter that resides
Until all that defines you,
Disappears without a trace.
When all else is gone,
In the palpable silence,
You hear the soft din,
Of voices whispering
At best mumbling,
Words, slogans and
Prove them wrong,
Don’t give up without a fight,
Try, try, try again,
Embedded, ingrained,
Branded for eternity,
In a mind seeking solace,
peace and strength.
Emerge, Erupt, Arise
From your self inflicted
Claim what’s rightfully yours,
Reclaim all that was
stripped away,
Embrace the pieces of you,
Scattered away,
By the harsh winds of change.
Love and nurture,
The parts of you,
Carved out, stripped and left
In the wake of countless storms,
Life has unleashed on you.
Wear your scars with pride,
For not everyone,
Has your strength or character,
To look their detractors in the
While fighting to survive.
Rise old friend of mine,
For your fight,
Your countless sacrifices,
Were not for naught.
It is time to re-emerge,
To resurface…
To embrace the journey to
your dreams,
That you were once forced
to abandon,
This is your time old friend,
This is your revolution…
This is…your resurgence.

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