Heyo boys and girls. Guess I’m back at it again, the timing is kinda interesting, but hey sometimes some senses demand more attention than others. So I was minding my own business and the first 4 lines of this piece came alive in my head, and then that was proceeded by a whole sequence of images in my head, which just demanded I write this stuff out. So here you are, let me know what you think in the space below. Hope you’ll are all having a great week!


Somehow, somewhere,
While perusing through the
pages of Voltaire,
She looked up,
Dazed and dazzled,
Amused and befuddled.
Never had there been,
A distraction more subtle
Nor elegant and graceful,
Than the one rattling
The solitude of the cages
Of her mind, soul and heart.

She watched in wonder,
While the Sun went under,
Tracing and tracking,
Every move, every gesture,
As the path was being carved,
Into the deepest depths of her

Forthright, forthwith,
Avenues her once quiet mind
Recite like a mantra,
For her to pursue.
Don’t let the moment pass
you by,
Don’t let yourself slip,
Don’t let this be yet another
Where your heart slips up,
And life trips you up.
And leaves you with too many
And heavy sighs of regret.
Take a chance,
A leap of faith,
Whispers her fickle little
Strategize, prioritize, characterize
Resist the silly whispers,
Of the heart, that fickle fiend,
Whispers her cautious little
A sigh leaves her lips,
As dejection, doubts, despair
and resignation,
The glorious star idiots,
Of one’s pity party,
Make their way,
To rob the twinkle in her
And the sparkle in her smile.
As if on cue,
Her eyes flit across the
barren spaces,
Unbidden…of it’s own volition,
Like a siren’s song,
To the ones,
That have been consuming,
Her thoughts and dreams.
She is frozen,
Startled, shaken and
From the steady stream of
her coherent thoughts.
She finds herself staring,
At the muse,
That gets her heart racing
and fluttering.
And before she realizes,
With ice cold clarity,
That she isn’t in one of her
Before she can stop herself,
And lose the ability,
To control her faculties,
She finds herself flashing
a smile,

Once committed and acted on,
She lost track of time and space,
And starts to believe in eternity,
And the familiar red raging lava
pit of embarrassment,
The she finds herself befriending,
More often than not.
She considers herself crazy,
And roll her eyes,
At vague thoughts,
Of the Universe giving signs.
Then she is jolted back to life,
Resuscitated, renewed,
Her faith in the Universe,
momentarily restored.
As the dreamy eyes,
And regal face,
That stole her breath away,
Flash her a crooked yet
flawless smile.
Before they seek out and
return to,
The source preoccupying
their mind,
And steadfast attention.

The sigh that leaves her lips,
Is one filled with hope and
A contentment,
That should carry her through
a few rough nights.
With renewed fervor,
She returns,
To her sanctuary of words,
Buzzing, living, thriving,
Off the excitement,
Of her delightfully delinquent
For never before,
Have dreams seemed truer,
Than in that moment,
Lost in eyes filled with mirth,
And that face with the magical


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