Core Resuscitation

Hey all,

Yay it’s bleeding Terrific Tuesday. Hope you all had a great weekend, long or otherwise. Here’s to a new week and a fresh start to all things. So this compilation of words is in response to this really fascinating, well crafted and amazing piece of writing I stumbled upon a few days ago. It really moved me and the characterizations were so well done that there’s a swirling after effect floating around in my head even now. Anyway, I just spent way too much time explaining something I didn’t have to. Have a good week ahead, and like I always say, share your thots & opinions in the space below!

Core Resuscitation

When the only scars you
Are the ones that never
cease to bleed.
Where the only pain you
Is the one without relief.
When the only voice,
To help calm your nightmares,
And soothe you to dreamless
Is yours and yours alone.
When the only one,
To put out the fires
Of your raging, beating,
wild heart,
Burning white hot,
With rage, desperation,
And all the things
You’ve been told,
That makes you different,
Keeps you apart,
Is nobody else but you,
Partially burned,
Permanently scalded.
When the inky black darkness,
You were guaranteed
To be sucked and swirled into,
And lost unto for eternity,
Is more permanence…
More comfort…
You’ve ever received,
Than the tall tales and
taller lies
Of human compassion, love
and empathy,
Softly whispered by hollow
In to desperate ears,
Yearning for the melody
and harmony,
Of belonging and being.
Though all that ever was,
And now all that remains,
Are the hisses and snarls,
Of abject jealousy and raging
Of sharp criticism,
And unfathomable anger,
Hurled, tossed and thrown
at you,
Like stones, hot coals,
Cutting and biting,
Through the roots and
Of all those things,
That have defined you.
Disowning you,
And breaking apart,
Piece by piece,
Brick by brick,
Dream by sordid dream,
All that you,
Ever yearned to be.

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