Doorstopper Showstopper Heartbreaker

Well it’s a brand new week, definitely have a few thots to go with the week. Hope life has been treating you all decently, if not, hang in there peepz…while it might be a real crappy time now things will get b8r….it’s just how things work ya know? Well you know the drill….if you’d like to share your thots, fill up the comments section below :).

Doorstopper Showstopper Heartbreaker

And that heart of yours,
Knocks a little harder,
Rocks a little faster,
A beat one too many,
Forgotten and hidden,
In the depths of,
The annals of time.
Hidden under countless
Distanced by the feelings
and sentiments,
It holds at bay.
Hesitation creeping through,
Doubts rippling through
Its very core
Like undercurrents,
Ready to pull it down and
Whilst the façade of a warrior
Once put up,
To safeguard,
That frail beating heart,
Tries breaking through.
Repeating and mumbling…
Risks are foolish,
Chance…an even more utterly
ridiculous notion.
The reality surrounding it,
Tends to be far more crushing,
Than the ideality
it craves to exist in.
The lies built around,
One day, some day,
Shall take it’s toll.
And all that remains,
While trying to stand tall,
Is the only thing
That stands to drown,
In the absolute truth of
it all.
Is your very heart,
That was the true victim
of it all.


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