A New Day Has Come

Alright time for more poetry shenanigans. Inspiration strikes at the least expected times. None the less I hope everyone is doing great and things are going well.

A New Day Has Come

Hey you,
Yeah you,
Sitting in the corner,
With the weight of
the world,
On your tiny shoulders,
Twirling and twisting,
That pretty little ring,
Around your finger.
Hoping to find answers,
Eyes dazed, confused,
Lost even.
Hoping to emerge,
From the haze of confusion,
Clouding your judgment,
Shrouding your conscience,
Eating away,
At the parts of you,
Untouched and uncorrupted,
By the realities,
And harshness of life.
Hang tight…hold on,
You’re not alone,
If ever, you seek the light,
You will find it,
Shining through the cracks
and crevices,
Seeping through your pores,
And sneaking through,
To your very core.
Because like the night,
The darkness that consumes
Will find it’s end,
And will be scattered away
By the light of day,
The light to guide the way,
And stir up the dregs of
You once thought,
Had dissipated…
If not, gotten away.
The bravest thing you can
To tide you through,
Is to,
Embrace your fears,
They abandon you faster
that way.
So hold on my friend,
The world is yours for the
Your call for help and justice,
Your screams for liberation,
Your wails for the dreams
you lost,
Will be answered, pacified and
Sooner rather than later.


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