Plane Travel Series: The Light in the Dark Matter

More poetic expressions & creativity flowing out of this defunct brain. Seeking inspiration from that muse that likes to go into hiding more often than not.

The Light in the Dark Matter

When all you wanted from
Was a chance to be,
A chance to see,
All the things and places,
Your heart wished for,
Your imagination reached for.
But all you got instead,
Were directions,
To and through,
Countless boulevards,
Of broken hearts and,
broken dreams.
When all the hope and faith,
You had towards humanity
slowly faded,
Left you and your heart jaded.
When you,
The free thinker,
Became the cynic,
The anti-reformer.
How do you go about,
Looking for that light of hope,
When all you’re shrouded by,
Is the darkness of despair
and disappointment?

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