Plane Travel Series: Time Travels & Travails

Trying out new things/new writing styles & apparently working on a new series. Let’s see how far this goes. Just a few more things that pique my curiosity…I mean hey it’s always entertaining to see what words make their way to a cocktail/plane napkin.

Time Travels & Travails

Tick Tock…Tick Tock
Ticked away life’s clock.
Not a second too soon,
The credits roll out,
To your own life’s cartoon.
Not a minute too late,
Your fears and hopes dissipate.
Dreams you once held close,
Find a way,
To slip through your fingers.
Disappear and Disapparate,
And not a moment too soon,
A moment too late,
Does the realization,
And ultimate revelation,
Of one’s purpose in life,
Dawn upon us.
When all is lost,
And bountiful wisdom,
Attained and gained.

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