When the muse fades, and inspiration runs dry, that’s when you set the writing gears to high and try and crank something or the other out. If inspiration doesn’t find you, set out on your own quest to hunt it down.


Look how the tables have turned,
Those once hailed,
And were once
Have fallen and burned.
They’ve taken up the mantle,
The once wretched
And eternally hated title
of villain,
An entity,
An embodiment of all things
They once fought so valiantly
Branded are they,
By the brands of their sins,
and frailties.
Beaten and broken are they,
By their moments of weakness,
and kindness.
Their names mere distant
Like grains of sand,
Blown away by the ever-
changing winds.
Only remembered by their
biggest failures,
Glared at and ostracized
for their failures.
Abandoned for their choices,
That saved the greater good.
There are no more heroes left,
They cry…
What happened to all the
good guys?
They look around in desperation…
It begs the question,
Why anyone would want to be
a hero?
Why would one sacrifice it all?
To save the many at the price
of losing themselves?
Why would one try?
When ultimately they become,
The villain of the story,
They once tried saving.

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