When the world turns it’s back
on you,
When the road ahead,
Seems like the worst path,
You’ve ever travelled thus far.
When there are more thorns
than flowers,
That adorn your crown and your
When the only words you hear
Leave your soul searing,
And head spinning and reeling,
When the tear tracks marring
your face,
Seem to give you more clarity,
Than the countless smiles,
That once lit up your face.
When the only other person
you could count on,
Was the reflection looking back
at you,
With the fire of hope once burning
alive in those eyes,
But now stares back at you,
Just as vacantly.
When the whispers and voices
you hear,
Are those repeating your tales
of failure…
Where do you go to seek refuge?
Where do you find solitude?
Where is the peace…
You didn’t even realize your
soul was seeking out.
Where is that sense of belonging?
That once kept you grounded,
And bound to those around
Where do you even begin?
When you can’t tell where
you are?
How do you look forward to
When today seems ever eternal,
And never ending?


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