21 Gun Salute

Hey peepz!

I hope you all are doing great and life is treating you well, if not hang in there, things will look up. I can’t wrap my mind around all these things I’ve been hearing on the news these days. I mean honestly, what is going on in the world these days? Shootings, bombings? So many innocent lives, gone in the blink of an eye…and for what? This isn’t a game where once a life is lost you wait for 20 minutes and the person gets to re-start from wherever they left off. Life is far too precious & these days it seems to be a limited time offer, despite our medical advancements. Value each other, cherish each other and most importantly learn to love each other, it’s far better than spreading unnecessary hate. The world can do with less hatred and more kindness. Even a small smile, could potentially brighten a day. It’s always the small things that matter, always! Well take care of yourselves and hit me up with comments in that lil’ section following the poem. Cheers & have a great weekend!

21 Gun Salute

When all that remains,
Are the shadows,
Of you from yesterday.
Forever etched,
Eternally engraved…
A statue, a monument,
A testament, a statement,
Will you forever stand tall,
Even when the shadows,
And impending apocalypse
Of hatred, violence and
Eclipses us all.
A beacon,
A shooting star,
We all wish upon,
The guiding light will you
That leads us through the
darkest of hours,
And the grimmest of days.
And as you lay to rest,
To slumber away,
In a sleep so peaceful,
So deep, so sweet,
So devoid of the pain, anger
and anxiety
The world burdened your
shoulders with.
A sleep detached,
From the rain of tears,
Deaf to the heartbreaking
wails of goodbye,
As you make your final way,
On to bigger journeys,
And better days.
While all you leave behind,
In your wake,
Along these empty streets,
And boulevard of broken
Are memories,
Of the strength of your love,
And the cheer in your laughter,
That spun every topsy-turvy
misery filled day,
In to a better and hopeful day.
Of the kindness in your eyes,
That brought solace,
To those of us broken hearted,
And despairing over the unfair
Life, fate and destiny,
Keep dealing us everyday.
May you be freed of the chains,
Of hatred, envy and judgment,
That bound and tethered you,
To a world,
That would rather break you
And tear you asunder,
Rather than embrace you,
For all that sets you apart,
All that makes you unique,
Yet makes you the integral
key to humanity.
For without you,
There is no love, no peace,
Nor harmony.
For despite what sets us apart,
We are all key pieces,
To a puzzle far bigger,
grander and greater,
Than the eye can see.
For you don’t exist without
And I?
I cease to exist without you.


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