And from the ashes I will rise
Have you not heard?
My inconsolable cries.
No amount of words,
Sticks nor stones,
Can break my spirit,
or my bones.
Nor your words of ice,
Fire and brimstone,
Can crack or burn,
The resolve that beats
My countless tear tracks,
Leaving trails,
That have long since dried,
In the wake of saying
Hollowed and bereft,
To all the dreams,
That once plagued,
The happy highways of
my soul and my mind.
Struck down one too many
Laughed at and ridiculed,
For chasing behind,
Things everyone deemed
silly and impossible.
They thought they silenced,
The screams of my shattered
By burying alive and suffocating,
All that makes me whole.
And undermining and
All my abilities,
That breathed life into the
wind-sails of my soul.
They thought their fear
and ignorance,
Would snuff out
The light of hope,
The strength of my visions,
The tenacity and passion of
my beating heart.
They are gravely mistaken…
For like the phoenix,
Here I am,
Ready to reclaim,
All that I’ve lost,
And replace all that’s gone.
So bring the best,
You think you’ve got
to this fight.
Lock and load,
Bring your piercing gazes,
And venom tinged phrases,
For I’m here to stay,
And set to rise far above the cages
of your mediocrity,
And primitive ways.

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