Today Is The Day

Today Is The Day

Maybe today,
She’ll have a little more
Maybe today,
She might pick up the phone.
Maybe today,
She’ll start taking back,
All that’s been taken away.
Maybe today, just maybe,
She won’t listen to the
voices in her head.
Telling her to stop fighting,
Telling her to give up,
Telling her quitting is the
best way,
Telling her what’s the point
Telling her, her voice won’t
be heard anyway,
That her words, her woes,
Her troubles, her sorrows,
Mean nothing to this world anyway.
That silence is her best friend,
Her only friend…
And the only way,
To keep the voices and her
At bay.
Because let’s face it honey,
You never were worth it anyway.
Chant the ghostly whispers,
Of all those past and present,
Who always berated her,
And of all those who,
Made her feel this way.
Trapped within her mind,
Picking up the pieces,
Of all that’s left behind,
Never defiant,
Eternally compliant…
But today…today she’s done,
Done being the victim,
Done being the joke,
Done being undermined,
And always misunderstood.
Today, she’s done holding it
all in,
She’s done with the anger,
The bitterness, the resentment,
The countless tears,
Staining pillow covers through
many nights.
Today she’s letting the walls,
guards and defenses,
Drop and crumble within.
Today she is finally
Unleashing the fire within.


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