Hey all,

Yes I’m back again…dun-dun-dun…And I’m so deliriously happy right now…well at least as far as Creativity in the world goes….

So DCU totally OWNED SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) this year!!!!!! And after watching the teasers and trailers (Justice League and Wonder Woman respectively) I couldn’t stop the creative flow. I’m so damn excited to see a legendary, ass kicking action heroine invading and owning cinema screens in 2017!!!!

This poem is for all you amazing girls/women out there! Chase after your purpose and your dreams, and if you know other girls/women unable to do so, chase those dreams down even harder. You’ll be the beacon/guiding light they were always looking for but never could see.


Don’t listen to the world,
Don’t listen to the world,
Be your own, be your own
Super Super-girl.
The world is not as it seems,
It will laugh at all your dreams,
Hold on, be strong,
Pull yourself together,
Get your act together,
Go ahead now,
One foot in front of the other,
Be your own, be your own
Super Super-girl.
They will try to bring you down,
Take you apart,
Round after round,
Constantly harp about your flaws,
Leave you with everlasting scars,
They will try to scare you off
your envisioned path,
Call you foolish and gullible,
A naïve idiot setting themselves
up for imminent failure.
They will do all they can,
To get you to toe the line for as
long as they can.
They will mock you, ridicule you,
Hurl words your way,
To strike away at that tender heart
that lives within,
Call you selfish and an egotistical
But be firm, be resolute,
Do not bend, do not break,
Free yourself from all their envy
And all their hate.
Be your own, be your own
Super Super-Girl.
Obliterate the hate,
Know it’s never too late,
Go on then,
Decide and rule your own fate.

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