The Struggle Within

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all doing great and things are going well. I was actually planning on laying low for a while, the writing hasn’t been flowing as much as I’d like it to. But something I read today just set something off within, and I wasn’t able to process what I read to the full emotional extent that I’m usually capable of, because that’s how bamboozled and flabbergasted I was. None the less, here we go, less talking, more poetry. Have a good weekend everyone.

The Struggle Within

I don’t know I don’t know,
I can’t take their screams
Their hollowed eyes,
Searching hallowed skies,
For some sort of reprieve,
Some reprise,
Why can’t I stand to see,
The reality of the world,
That crowds me.
Why is it so hard to breathe?
So stifling…so suffocating
In an atmosphere filled with
Sickly sweet,
An odor ever permeating,
Ever enduring,
Forever imprinting,
The sweetest of lies,
Sugar coating the bitterest
of lies.
Blinding us to the ugliest
of truths,
Blinding us to the ultimate
That resides within us all…
The beast…the ugly beast,
Of hatred, of envy,
Of power, of greed,
Of lust, of evil,
That slumbers within
us all.
That greets violence and death,
As old friends,
And warrants peace, love and
As mortal enemies.
How do we preach?
About good and evil,
Lies and truth,
When we are our biggest
How do we talk about war
and peace?
And scream and screech about
When we refuse to address
and acknowledge
Those unknown faces,
Sitting right beside us,
And would rather pass judgment,
And place them in labeled boxes
That read race, gender…
Personality and sexuality?
How do we fix the world’s problems?
If we can’t fix the flaws within?

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