Ola ola,

So this one was very spur of the moment-ish poetry…well that does beg the question if all my poetry isn’t that way. It is, but this was just a trigger reaction ya know? You think, you feel and then there’s an outpouring of feels that finds the need to be expressed and then the words follow. I guess some doors are best left closed and some ghosts are best left to themselves, no point in chasing after the ones that bear no resemblance to who they once were…here’s to celebrating a life free of 1 less complication.


Just like every other time,
I see you walk away,
Your back to mine,
Muttering, mumbling words,
Anger dissipating,
Tears free-flowing,
Hurling accusations of betrayal
and abandonment.
Your words,
Sharper with every passing year,
Unkind, untrue,
Unknowing, unforgiving,
Of all that I’ve been through…
Yet you get to turn the tables,
Live in the world of your fables,
Forget all those times, 
I held your head and hands
In mine.
Gave you my shoulders to lean on,
When the world seemed,
Too overwhelming a place and
And I get to revisit the memories,
While you walk away with the rest
of your dreams.
Stuck in time, 
Struck by a love divine,
And a loyalty fierce enough,
To stand the tests of time.
Break me, 
Like you have in times past,
Test me,
Constantly and consistently
Like you always have.
Unearth my flaws, 
Tear away and undo,
All that binds me,
Unhinge me from all that matters,
With your vicious, malicious and
ravenous words,
Sharper than blades and claws.
Applaud while I fall,
And whisper softly,
My list of secrets and failures,
While I’m in free-fall.
Until you see the truth of it all,
Lies in the veils of your lies.
The ones you don,
To safeguard that brittle, hollow
heart of thine.
That seeks eternal peace and
By trampling on hearts so naive
and gullible,
To take what you think is your
But is the very curse,
That will be your undoing in time.
For honey,
Dear friend of mine,
This is the last time,
You ever get to see this face
of mine,
And the last time you get to
turn your back to mine.
May you find the solace you
For that troubled heart of thine.
May your envy free your spirit,
And liberate you enough,
To live, love and learn,
The rest of the days of your life,
With reckless abandon,
And fierce passion.

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