The Words in Spaces & Faces

Guess who is back at it yet again?!?!….Yayy thank you never ending Thotstream for invading my personal space & doing what you do…i.e. wreaking havoc. How is there still so much that needs to be told? Anyway before I go on rambling, on towards the poetry road….

The Words in Spaces & Faces

I looked around,
Searching for your stoic,
loving gaze.
Wondering if you’d still be
Watching, observing,
Silent as ever.
Ever ruminating,
Your thoughts illuminating.
Wandering, searching,
For trails long lost,
Have I lost track of time…
Long misplaced, long displaced,
Away from the madness of
it all.
Without a trace,
In a sea of faces,
You dived in head first,
Not a peep, not a sound,
Carried away by the constant
tide of change,
One moment I saw your smiling
Rippling beneath the surface,
And the next,
Gone were the remaining traces,
Of a face,
Resonating comfort and
Replaced by the murkiness,
That life and it’s compatriots,
Leave behind,
As a warning, as a sign,
Of the unpredictability,
That is it’s nature
Asking you to heed,
The words of the wise,
To embrace the familiarity,
Of life’s unpredictability,
For that ability,
Is the key to maintaining your
In a world shattered,
By it’s own fragility.



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