Reflective Revolution

Yabba dabba doo, I bring forth new thots to youuuuuu…and that’s about as much of a rhyme as you’ll get out of me today. This poem wasn’t planned, it was a spontaneous reaction to a song I listened to last night. Music and it’s magical influences huh? Have a fabulous week everyone. And yes, there’s always lots of writing to look forward to :).

Reflective Revolution

The heaviest of hearts,
Carry the lightest trace
of heartbreak.
The toughest of spirits,
Have the weakest hearts,
For they’ve been broken
over and over,
Time after time,
For no rhyme or reason.
Behind the brightest
Of many a smile,
Hides a thousand fears,
And a thousand tears,
Shed over all that’s lost,
And all that’s gone.
The weakest of hearts,
Possess the strongest
of shoulders,
For they have held,
The heaviest of weights,
The heaviest burdens of
countless truths,
Well veiled beneath
Countless, unfathomable lies,
And masks and facades,
Almost too surreal.
Telling you they’re alright,
That all is right with the
Assaying your fears,
Allaying your worries,
Liberating your captive heart,
From the chains of bitterness,
Cynicism and blatant disbelief,
That seem to cloud your
And taints the beauty,
Contained within all that before
and beside us.
The ones who seem to refrain,
Almost abstain,
From sharing their fears,
Their demons,
Their tears,
Are the ones who seem,
To live life with no worries,
no cares,
Their faces all smiles,
Yet their eyes…
Have a different story to tell.
Put aside your judgment,
Put aside your spite,
Put aside all that hate, anger
and threats of might.
All you are is human,
And all you have to share,
Is that beautiful heart,
Beating within you,
Filled with a love,
So pure and true,
That it infuses hope,
In those needy, barren, dying
That need only a drop,
To reignite the hope within,
And that beautiful smile,
That graces your ethereal face,
That brightens the days,
Of those around you.
They say,
Love like you’re dying,
But alas,
Love isn’t death,
It is pain, it is rebirth,
It is revisiting faith.
So love,
Like it’s your last day,
Love, like it’s the first time
all over again,
Love, like you’ve never
loved before…



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