So I came across this really beautiful post a while back, but due to the hectic nature of schnazz I get involved in, I wasn’t able to read it up until yesterday. It was one of those posts I started reading when I came across it initially and wanted to finish reading it right then and there ‘cuz it was so captivating and gripping….but I couldn’t. I suggest you guys check it out, it’s beautifully written.

This post got me all inspired & fired up to write this poem. Check it out and well you know the drill, share yer thots in the box below!


Radioactive, Radioactive
How could they expect anything less?
How could they not anticipate?
The end result of all their demands,
All their taunts,
The constant fear,
And the haunting nature,
Of all that’s been said and done,
In the name of constructive criticism,
And advice,
They claim is to help you,
Become the best version of yourself,
The slow stewing resentment,
Brewing within,
That percolate and precipitate,
Into actions and a motion,
Far beyond perception,
Of those responsible,
And the sole cause for the
ever brewing sentiment,
Of rage and anger bubbling within.
They like to tag you, label you,
Call you an introvert,
Call you shy, label you to be the quiet one,
The one with no voice,
The one commanded to speak up,
The one they’re convinced,
Will never raise their voice,
Not even their tone,
And live just to absorb,
The harshest of words,
The silliest of jibes,
And remain the only people,
With their stories untold,
Their patience tested time after time,
The heights of their anger and patience,
Surpassed time after time.
Mistaken, misunderstood,
But never forget,
The sound of a roar never heard before,
Resounds and resonates far more,
Than the constant squeaks, squeals
and barks,
People like you tend to be part of,
On a daily basis.
Don’t tell me to speak up,
And then tell me to hold my tongue,
When the words flowing out of you,
Bear naught wisdom,
Nor does it value the significance
of time.
Don’t tell me how I should be,
Or what boxes I should fit in to,
Just because it suits the compartments
in your head.
Don’t tell me who I should be,
When I have yet to discover the full
extent of who I can be,
And you,
Have no sense of self-identity,
And have no clue what it is you are,
And if you’re even supposed to be.



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