Clock Tower

Random musings at play yet again. Apparently I find reason, inspiration & meaning in the chords and words of many a song. One of those nights where you let the music play and the words flow and dance to the beat.

Clock Tower

Time left us hanging,
Uncertain, unwilling,
Questioning, seeking,
Memories of things near and
And people too far.
Unbending, unforgiving,
Chasing back time,
That cannot be re-lived,
restored or re-traced.
Forever chasing,
Eternally tracing,
Tracking back the hands
of time,
Back to the start,
Back to a time,
When decisions were made.
Living in clouds of what ifs
and regrets,
Clouded visions of futures,
Far from what we once
Where hope is the countdown
The solution to all our concerns,
nightmares and worries.
The winding hands,
Counting down our lives,
Moving us from goal to goal,
Purpose to purpose,
Searching for purpose,
Seeking truth and love,
Defying rules and restrictions
imposed on us
Desperate to survive
The odds against us.
O time,
You wily, bewitching wonder,
Where do you fly?
Leaving us mere mortal
fools behind,
With star-struck eyes,
And wonder filled dreams,
And always short of a chance,
To say goodbye.



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