Secrets & Spaces

Yay time to share a few thots here and there. The Insomniac strikes again :D. Have a stellar week everyone.

Secrets & Spaces

Find a crevice,
Fill a crack,
Find a corner,
Clear out ‘em nooks
and crannies,
Fill up the empty spaces,
Erase tracks and
Of all that was.
It’s time now,
To readdress,
All that’s within,
All that we’re left
Is all that we need
To pick up the broken
Of ourselves and stories,
Reattach the pieces,
Run your life’s races,
Set the paces,
Forget the haggard, weary
and angry faces,
Rediscover all those forgotten
Your fond, fragile heart
Discovered once upon a
And beat furiously,
With passion…with rhythm,
Without fear, without pain,
With all the wonderment
and joy,
Of being able to explore
and discover.
You are who you define
yourself to be,
Not the words written
On many pieces of paper,
Spray painted on walls,
Nor drilled into your head
on a daily basis,
Like a chant, a mantra,
To dissuade you
From self-discovery,
From seeking out who you
truly are,
From exploring the depths
of who you truly can be.
Where your strengths and
Are predetermined…
Where successes and losses,
Are based on,
The tangential nature
of tangibility
And not on the actuality,
Of one’s true potential,
Nor capabilities.



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