Fears, Tears & Belief


Fears, Tears & Belief

Some days I sit and wonder,
Is everything in this world redundant?
Every mistake, every lesson,
The result of many an epic blunder?
Where what I’ve been seeking,
Really isn’t what they promised
taught or preached,
Back in school,
And drilled into our brains everyday,
That hard work pays.
They promised us freedom and
Based on chapters in books.
The promised us permanence,
Based on their skewed perception
of reality.
Rewarding those willing to be
Willing to keep their head down
And unquestionably follow rules;
Versus those who choose to stand tall,
And question the relevance of it all.
Who end up being called heroes and
Posthumously…once they fall.
Until then,
Their actions and words,
Decried and condemned.
Their virtues, their character
Sullied, defiled and stained.
And once nothing remains of them,
Where words and pictures fail,
Stories of their focus and restraint,
Become legends and myths to enthrall us.
Their resilience and resistance,
Stories of inspiration, to drive us.
Legends they call them in the future,
But, mere criminals in the present.
So, who do we blame?
When we as a civilization fail and fall?
When all we ever do,
Is look for ways to tear each other apart,
Instead of holding each other,
And standing united, together.



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