So inspiration and muses have been a wee lil’ bit of a problem these days, so I put myself up to the challenge of trying to find it in the smallest of things, be it music, a line in a book, a dialogue, a TV show or 20, or hell even a movie. Anything that keeps that brain moving gets me going. So, here you have it folks, compositions and compilations from an eternal insomniac 😀 and apparently I’m quite happy about it lol. Share yer thots down below in that comments box!


Life’s biggest decisions,
From 0-60 in record seconds,
Made on a whim,
Made with precision.
Countless actions,
Repetitive, relentless,
Spontaneous, yet so stupid.
Roaming halls of regret,
Staring at your wall of fame,
And the countless accolades,
Celebrating the precision you
think you once had,
And you now consider has left
In a state of reckless abandon.
One day you’re being chided,
For your immaturity,
Your blasé attitude and carefree
The next, you’re being sniped at,
For being too uptight, too serious,
Too focused, too self-centred,
For chasing after your dreams,
visions and goals.
Somewhere between
Then one day you wake up,
And the finish line is here,
Your story is done, it’s written,
You’re out of time,
To live that life you once promised
And before you know it,
There you lay,
Your body cold,
Beneath that carved slab of stone,
With the placid and bland tale
Of your life being told.



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